Health Areas


Committed to the global End TB Strategy, PQM enhances national control programs in high TB-burden countries, and builds manufacturing capacity to increase availability of quality-assured anti-TB medicines and improve treatment coverage. PQM also works to increase supply and access to quality-assured second-line medicines used for treatment of multi-drug-resistant TB.


To achieve global goals for malaria elimination and eradication, available antimalarial medicines must be quality-assured. PQM’s efforts help countries strengthen health systems and national malarial control programs and ensure that available antimalarial medicines at the community level are quality-assured.

Maternal and Child Health

Through partnerships and collaboration with key stakeholders, PQM works to ensure the quality of proven treatment interventions known to reduce maternal and child death that can be scaled-up and expanded to save millions of mothers, newborns, and children. PQM supports an increased supply of quality-assured medicines which is critical to global initiatives for ending preventable child and maternal deaths.


The Promoting the Quality Medicines (PQM) program's work contributes to an AIDS-free generation. Advancements in pharmaceutical quality help high-burden countries scale up quality-assured HIV/AIDS medicines for prevention and treatment interventions, and strengthen the capacity of health workers and systems to sustain them.

Neglected Tropical Diseases

PQM supports treatment programs working to control, eliminate, and eradicate neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) by focusing on building capacity of local manufactures to supply quality-assured medicines to priority, high-risk areas.