PQM’s work strengthens pharmaceutical quality assurance systems and saves lives.

The work of the Promoting the Quality of Medicines (PQM) program has empowered thousands of people and the institutions they work for with the skills, tools, and approaches required to effectively safeguard patient health and ensure the quality of lifesaving medicines. These organizations have been harnessing, adopting, and leveraging these skills and resources to develop more efficient pharmaceutical quality assurance systems. 

Although the long-term public health impact of these actions takes several years to quantify, PQM-supported countries have already started to see positive intermediary results that provide early evidence of their benefit. Strengthening regulatory and manufacturing systems and processes, vigilantly surveying and checking the quality of medicines in circulation, and ensuring that quality-assured medicines are available for all who need them can make a meaningful difference in patient health, save lives, and bring countries closer to achieving universal health coverage and sustainable development goals.

For details on our results, see our annual and quarterly program reports.