What We Do

PQM helps strengthen quality assurance systems to help ensure sustainable quality and safety of medical products and protect public health.


We help public and private entities in developing countries strengthen systems to ensure the quality, safety, and efficacy of pharmaceutical and medical supplies. To get there, PQM helps developing countries:

Strengthen National Regulatory Systems
Collaborate with country authorities to strengthen medicines evaluation, inspection, and quality surveillance functions.

Increase Availability of Quality Medicines
Work with local manufacturers to increase capacity to comply with international standards for Good Manufacturing Practices and help bring affordable, quality-assured medicines to market faster.

Increase Capacity to Detect Falsified, Substandard, and Unapproved Medical Products
Support country authorities to develop medicines quality surveillance programs and apply safeguards that identify and remove poor-quality medicines from circulation.

Increase Evidence-Based Decision Making
Promote the adoption of pharmaceutical quality assurance tools and practices, and help motivate commitments to action at local, regional, and global levels.