Leadership & Team

PQM’s thought-leaders, technical experts and champions for quality are the driving force behind the program’s success.


Jude Nwokike, Director jin@usp.org
Lawrence Evans III, Deputy Director, le@usp.org
Paul Nkansah, Deputy Director, pon@usp.org
Naoko Otani, Director, Global Public Health Operations, nso@usp.org


Chimezie Anyakora, Chief of Party – Nigeria, cza@usp.org 
Donnell Charles, Manager, Laboratory Quality Management, dxc@USP.org
Yared Habtegiorgis, Manager, Finance & Administration, ymh@USP.org
Allan Hong, Manager, Good Manufacturing Practices, ajh@usp.org
Timothy Nwogu, Manager, Africa Programs, tyn@usp.org
Souly Phanouvong, Senior Manager, Asia Programs, sxp@usp.org
Victor Pribluda, Manager, Latin America Programs, sxp@usp.org
Christopher Raymond, Chief of Party – Indonesia, crr@usp.org
Archil Salakaia, Manager, Core & CIS Programs, ahs@usp.org
Jessica Swenson, Supervisor & Senior Program Coordinator, jis@usp.org
Feseha Tesema, Manager, Monitoring & Evaluation, ftt@usp.org 
Farouk Umaru, Manager, Analytical Laboratory Services, fau@usp.org
Eshetu Wondemagegnehu, Chief of Party – Ethiopia, euw@usp.org